BLOOM case study
Case Study 04


User Experience, Interaction Design,
Art Direction, Visual Design


The initial concept taking root during a company-wide hackathon, the BLOOM app was set to become the modern replacement for the legacy email-based system offered by Peachjar.

The Idea

Event notifications designed for the digital native. The Bloom app promises to provide a curated list of safe, local events & services to help your children learn, grow, and thrive.

The design must be visually stunning with clean, minimal layouts and simple, identifiable icons. Readable with strong visual hierarchy, defined by high-contrast typography and vibrant imagery.


While not new to event notifications, Peachjar had yet to voyage beyond traditional email-based delivery. Bloom would be their first foray into the mobile space.

I first analyzed products from the leaders in the space including Facebook Events and Eventbrite.
I then identified the successful patterns we could incorporate into the design.



We kicked the project off with a brief design and ideation session.

Paper & Pencil by 53 provided a fast way of quickly iterating over an array of ideas.

We collaboratively roughed out the basic pages, components and general flow.


Wire Flows

With the rough sketches as guides, I quickly built basic wireframes for each page.

The pages then became flows with simple interactions added in Adobe XD.

Inverse sitemap

User Testing

With a functional prototype ready to test, I engaged 5 users I previously identified.

Though not a finished product, the prototype had favorable results with every user.

We also got some valuable feedback and feature requests from the sessions.

Live Wireflow

Play away with this live interactive prototype.

Minimal Icons

Simple icons with high contrast
make navigation easier

Simple Onboarding

Reduced cognitive load by visually guiding users thru account setup.

Intuitive Flow

Playing to expectancy, pages flow logically toward user goals.

Clickable Fun

Standard Wireframes are boring and don't fully convey the concept.


Working in a growing startup has its advantages along with its challenges. Focus can shift unexpectedly and projects placed in stasis as the team jumps to put out other fires.

Despite having to shift priorities, we set the foundation for a great product. The user-testing validated assumptions and netted a ton of great insight into what the customer truly wanted.

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