UX Designer &
Front End Developer


Hello, I'm Gerald

I’m a UX Designer
& Front End Developer.

I have a passion for simplicity, minimalism, and aesthetics. As an avid observer, I am fascinated by both design and code and how the combination affords a greater understanding of the complexities of delivering the "simple".

Fueled by a constant desire to learn and grow, I strive to move beyond simply designing. Instead to create beautiful, intuitive, and user-friendly interfaces seamlessly delivered across devices.

Professional Skills

UX Mix
UX Design

I enjoy puzzles. None more than understanding and solving for user needs and goals by blending beauty, simplicity and delight.

Front End Development

Nothing is more satisfying and often illuminating than bringing my design to life through HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

Visual Design
Visual Design

I never settle for the mundane or status quo. Great experiences can often be defined by beautiful aesthetics.

Vector Illustration
Illustration & Branding

I love the contrast and crispness of vector lines and enjoy the application of meticulous detail and craftsmanship to everything I create.

Paper Stacks
Print Design

The roots of my career extend from print. Years spent with ink and paper have given me a deep appreciation for structure & detail.

Share Knowledge

Knowledge begs to be shared. I jump at the chance to share anything I have learned with those who may benefit from it.

What I Believe

I believe that there is no substitute for hard work, passion, curiosity and determination. I believe that form and function are equals and that beauty enhances usability. I believe that we can never stop learning and that anyone can teach us something.


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