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Personas & Proto-Personas

The cornerstone and first design deliverable of a good UX strategy is the Persona. It is a snapshot of a users abilities, goals, desires, and frustrations. From initial Proto-Personas to their more robust and accurate research-driven counterparts, they serve as guides for every design decision I make.

provisional personas, proto-personas, user tasks personas, customer archetypes, market segments
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Journey & Experience Maps

The second design deliverable, a Journey Map is a walk in the customers shoes. A visual embodiment of the customers experience through key points of interaction online or off. They serve to capture the emotion, thoughts, motivations, hesitations, goals, & concerns of personas as they move through each phase of interaction.

journey map, experience map touch points, pain points, user goals
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Site Maps & Flow Diagrams

Sitemaps and Flow Diagrams shouldn't have to be boring, the should be amazing! Every UX project starts with a rough map to define conceived pages. As the project progresses, they grow and expand to capture all pages and interactions. I then add a bit of graphical embellishments & display them alongside the Personas and Journeymaps.

process flow, flow chart, sitemap,flow maps site-map, journey map, customer flow, worklow diagram
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Low Fidelity Wireframes

Foundational building blocks, wireframes play a crucial role in project development. Minimalistically designed, they focus attention on method, content, & flow without distration. Each project I design, I focus on creating a system of repeatable blocks of content that work in cooperation to form the whole.

lo-fi wires, wireframes low fidelity mockups, wires, grey block method
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Icons are metaphors in tiny packages and can communicate complex concepts or bring to mind long forgotten memories. As Deiter Rams coined, "Good design makes a product understandable". I strive to make each icon I design to be as concise, simple, & informative as possible.

iconograpy, icon, icons, brandmarks, vector ui, visual identity, styleguide, hand-drawn
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High Fidelity Mockups

"Good design is aesthetic" - Dieter Rams. Beautiful design sells. One has to just look at the rise of Apple Computers to see the truth in this statement. Every project I undertake is based on this premise and I strive to create beautiful, functional interfaces.

mockup, hifi mock, full resolution high-fidelity, specs, visual prototypes
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Front-End Development & Interactive Prototypes

A UX Designer who codes is far superior to one who can't. They can better understand and appreciate the complexities of each interaction and can more quickly pinpoint areas of weakness and create workable solutions. As I design, I contemplate the nuances of the delivery; as I code, I evaluate future design improvements.

Front-End Development, Bootstrap 3, CSS, LESS, jQuery Developer, CMS, HTML, RWD, Responsive Web Design
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Magento Themes & Customization

I have designed and delivered responsive eCommerce sites based on the Magento Platform. Each project offered is own unique set of requirements ranging from PSD conversion to full theme design & development. I delivered each site with a focus on usability, speed, security and maintainability.

theme customization, Magento Themes, development eCommerce, Magento, custom theme, store
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Branding & Identity

Defined by color, shape, typograpy, and amazing micro-copy, good brands are extentions of the who or what the consumer wants to be. We indentify with them, support them, and evangelize them. In designing branding, I always start with the K.I.S.S. method. Simple, Clean, & Beautiful.

print collateral, brand package, packaging, logo mark clean, minimal, design concepts, characters, vector

I love to blend design & code to make awesome experiences!

What I Do

  • UX, User Experience, Design

    User Experience Design

    I thrive on the challenge of understanding the goals, frustrations, & motivations of those my interfaces serve. From research and "workshopping", I develop personas & journey maps to define these experiences. Guided by this insight, I create wireframes which are honed into prototypes then validate by actual users.

  • E-Commerce, Web Design, HTML5, CSS3, jQUery, JavaScript.Front-End Development

    Front-End Development

    Code is art in its purest form and a natural extension of my UX design skills. It is a marriage of my passion for technology, my love of precision, aesthetics, & problem solving. Through a blend of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, creations spring to life; responsively, across-devices, clean, simple, and elegant.

  • Magento theme, custom theme, cms pages, cms blocks

    Magento Themes & Customization

    Powering over 180,000 live stores, the Magento platform is the dominant player in the world of ECommerce. I have styled, customized, and delivered Magento sites utilizing features such as single and multi-site variations selling to both B2C and B2B channels

  • Pixel Perfect, Vector Illustration

    Illustration & Visual Composition

    Illustration plays a vital role in all I do. From Iconography & Character Design, to High-Fidelity Mockups & Sitemaps, all take root in this skill. My creativity is most often expressed with the pen tool, and within the clean lines and vibrant colors of b├ęzier curves.

  • Branding, Corporate Identity, & Logo Design

    Branding & Identity

    Drawing on my love of typography, clean lines, verctors, and minimalism; branding is a favorite of mine. They can be beautiful designed packages of Logos, Letterhead, Business Cards, Die-Cut Packaging & Envelopes, & Direct-Mail pieces; all arrayed in global brand strategies that support the consumers they support.

About Me

Gerald Miller

Gerald Miller

UX/UI Designer
Front-End Developer


My name is Gerald Miller.

I am a UX Designer & Front-End Developer with 15 years of design experience. I am a passionate "forever-learner" and in constant pursuit of knowledge and better ways to communicate.

Obsessed with simplicity I strive to deliver visually stimulating interfaces that connect both physically and emotionally with people they serve.

I have worked for Startups, Agencies, and on internal teams to deliver responsive designs, SAAS applications & E-Commerce stores. I am skilled in HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, jQuery, & AngularJS and have Foundation, Bootstrap, and Material Design frameworks.

Want to work together?

drop me a line!!


m: 951.445.0372